Do you love writing? Well, you could be destined for entrepreneurship as writing are jobs you can do from anywhere in the world. When you are a high school student, this can be an excellent project to make money, as you do not need a degree in English or Journalism but love for writing and enthusiasm to compete for jobs. Thus, from home or anywhere else you want, and within the hours you want, you can become entrepreneurial through the following businesses ideas.

Become a short story writer

If you are interested in creative writing but you do not have the patience or need to become a novel writer, writing short stories could be a venture for you or try your efforts to write a comic story if you are good at it. As a high school student, you have probably read numerous short stories and written several assignments concerning the same. Therefore, this can be your venture.

Unlike novels, short stories are more comfortable to write so long as you are creative. Ideas to write a short story may include romantic ideas where a girl meets the love of her life or crime solving story of how a friend helps another track down a blackmailer. Whichever ideas you come up with, focus on writing as many short stories as possible to harness your writing skills. Also, sell as many stories as possible as eBooks or in print so you can find a publisher who will introduce your work to the broader audience.

Editing services

Providing editing services is a perfect entrepreneurial project for someone who is a writer. Essay writing services and other writing services are on high demand by the numerous websites on the internet. The sites require new content, as well as, a review of their current content to make it perfect. You can come in here and starting an editing service together with some like-minded individuals, and begin earning a substantial amount of income for proofreading and editing content for others.


Ghostwriting is another opportunity as a writer can engage in and benefit. If you observe in the world, several people including millionaires have managed to write great books. These individuals, however, did not write the books themselves but had other people write for them. You can become that person since there is always going to be people who need content writing services. If you are comfortable with your work bearing another person’s name, then ghostwriting is an excellent source of steady income for you.

Open your custom essay writing service

With the advancement in technology, the internet makes it possible for a student to purchase a custom essay from academic writers like CustomEssayOrder when they cannot complete them by themselves. Essay writing companies note that becoming an essay writer for hire is an excellent source of income for a person interested in becoming a writer as students look for individuals who can produce high content, which is unique. You should, therefore, consider it.

Online Ad creator

Becoming an ad creator is another business idea you could venture into as a writer. Excellent business ideas come about to solve problems that users cannot explain, and if you are creative enough, you can engage in this job. To succeed, you have to know how to write a business idea, and conduct research to turn the ideas into creative ads.


Becoming a blogger is always an excellent route for an aspiring writer. Not only does it help you be known, but it gives you an opportunity to develop creativity while writing what you love best. Starting a blog is not easy as you must first what type of content to write and whether it will attract many followers. However, once you master your niche and attract an audience, it will grow; you get more jobs and get advertising opportunities, which earn you money.

Resume writing

Resume writing is another exciting venture you as a writer can choose. Every day, there are thousands of people applying for jobs. To ensure they have an advantage over others or transparently present themselves, they require help writing, organizing and even polishing their resumes and cover letters. With such a vast market for this service, you should take advantage as a writer and make this your job.


Transcribing refers to writing out verbal communication into readable texts. The discussion may be about a meeting in a company, a seminar on different subjects such as how to write a white paper for businesses or an interview. Various companies require these services from experienced transcribers when they have a lot of videos that need to be printed and filled.

Transcribing can be a good source of income, and an easy one to delve in. All you have to do is watch some videos on YouTube to learn how to go about it. Once you harness the skills, you can become an entrepreneur and advertise your transcription services.

If you are a high school student and enjoy writing, you can look forward to becoming an entrepreneur. Writing gives you the freedom to work anywhere and the hours you want. Thus, all you have to do is decide among the numerous businesses around writing if you wish to be a short storyteller, a blogger, ghostwriter or online Ad creator. Also, you can offer services in editing, academic writing, resume writing and transcribing. Make a choice and become an entrepreneur writer while still in high school.