Microsoft can be considered as an alternative word for “technological advancement.” They have been beating grounds for decades. Microsoft has brought a drastic change in how we use technology. Their innovative products are all worth the praise. To name a few Microsoft toolkit and office toolkit are their amazing software programs. This company has introduced a unique set of educational products that can be very helpful to students and teachers. Bill Gates, the principal founder of Microsoft, has done some remarkable innovations in the company and education sector in particular. Teachers prefer to use creative applications offered by Microsoft such as Audio desk, Adobe Photoshop, SketchBook and many more in classrooms. They have introduced unique Microsoft Learning tools which have enhanced reading and writing skills for beginners. Moreover, Microsoft feature set for education need is different from Microsoft’s business feature set.

Microsoft education has distinct features such as Class Notebooks and Staff Notebooks that helps teacher and student both. The Microsoft tool kit comprises of unique features that are very helpful for all.

  1. Microsoft 365: Educators and students are all eligible for Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft 365 is a free app that can be installed easily on Windows, Android, IOS or any other device.
  2. One Note: It is an ultimate digital notebook. One note is used for organizing class materials, and it teams up with colleagues and students.
  3. Outlook: Outlook makes life easy for its users. Outlook is a productive, organized application that can be used anywhere, anytime. It brings all your emails, important events, and files together, so you don’t have to waste time or worry about it. It makes your life well organized for you. Using outlook, you can plan meetings with colleagues or friends in seconds. Scheduling all your events and email is just one click away. It also supports Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud accounts.
  4. Word: Microsoft word contains all the basic tools such as font settings, paragraphs styles, and editing. MS word templates are predefined professional designs for users that provide tools such as page layouts, graphics, outline and text boxes. Using MS Word documents contain Letters, Reports, Faxes, Mail Merges, and One Page flyers.
  5. Excel: MS Excel is a spreadsheet that can be used on Windows, MacOs, Android, and ios. It is used for calculation, graphing tools, macro programming language, Datasheets and many more. Ms. Excel Spreadsheets have got tables of values that are arranged in rows and columns that can be used mathematically for both complex arithmetic operations and functions. MS Excel function contains a predefined formula that can perform the complex calculation.

Powerpoint: MS Powerpoint is a commonly used software developed by Robert Gaskins. It is a powerful software that is used for making presentations. It contains multiple slides that can be displayed on multimedia. It is commonly used in offices and education sector. MS Powerpoint software comprises drawing, graphing, outlining and presentation management tools. It is user-friendly software that helps a lot in every field.