Custom packaging is a technique to pack and assemble the products in a unique and attractive way. It deals with the package of product for different purposes such as storing, distributing, transporting and displaying. Custom package helps you to increase the worth of your product by providing an attractive and elegant outlook to it. It also acts as a safety wall to product and keeps it safe from harm. Cosmetic, cloth, food and many other industries are using custom packing for their products and making a great progress in business.

Importance of color in Packaging

When we come to deal with the process of packaging, color is the basic and most important component. It plays a vital role because it is evocative. Color is an element who has the power to control a customer’s mind, heart and thoughts. Color has a strong impact on customer behavior towards a product.

Impact of Custom Packaging Color

A color can impact on your customer engagement in different ways such as it tells about your brand and makes a clear picture of your brand in front of your customers. Color also gives positive as well as negative impact on the customer. Dull colors make them feel bored and rough while bright colors attract young and children and make their moods good. Combination of 2-3 colors of the custom packing gives a unique look and impact positively.

Some people are more concerned about color than the style and design of the product. So, you have to provide them with a full variety of color package. For giving a good and positive impact and reducing the chances of negativity you should know about the color psychology for your custom packaging. Because every color has different features and in this way, their impact on consumers would be different.

What Color does Psychology say?

  • Red: this color is known as powerful and excited. Red roses, red heart-shaped products as well as red packaging stimulates a physical response.
  • Yellow: it considered good for grabbing the attention. It makes an optimistic and cheerful mind.
  • Orange: it is a youthful and an appetizing color like cheese color is also yellow.
  • Blue: it is the most preferred color by men and women and has a strong impact on consumer behavior. It relates to trust and purity.
  • White: this color is a sign of purity, cleanliness, and simplicity. It is a very effective color. Many food products are white such as milk, yogurt, and cream.
  • Black: it is a bold sophisticated color. It also considered as a devil color. Most of the watches and clothes brands prefer this color.
  • Green: green color is a soothing and fresh color. Plants and trees are green and give a feeling of relaxation.
  • Pink: pink is a sensitive color. It is a sign of love, beauty, and sensitivity.

Consumer engagement with Packaging Design:

Packaging needs a good design to attract customers and to increase the worth of the product. a good design of custom package gives a great look to product and increases the customer interest towards that product. If your design is not so good, you may have to face the failure of your brand. Different custom boxes are used for cakes, chocolates, gifts items and for other products in the market.

Impact of Packaging Design

  • An attractive and elegant packaging design gives the first impression of your brand and product.
  • Versatility in designs make a great difference in your product and gives it an effective identity.
  • Printed custom and well-designed boxes are favorable for different events like birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, engagement and many other events of happiness.
  • A good design is very appealing, customer prefers well-designed package to make their product worthier.
  • Custom packing provides different designs according to event and customer choice that improves the trust and satisfaction level of consumers.
  • Custom boxes wholesale helps you to make your product more appreciated and different from others in the market.

Both the color and design of custom packs are an important component to make a product worthy and eye-catching and impact the consumer behavior towards the brand and product positively as well as negatively.